Cameroon Hosts 18th RAME Conference In May

By Sandah Armstrong

DOUALA, Cameroon-Saturday April 7, 2018-8: PM Local Time (Cameroon News Agency) Over 400 international   experts in the domain of transport and logistics are expected in Douala, Cameroon from May 3 to build dynamic relations with local actors on issues, linked to the development of transport and logistics within the RAME region. This will be during the 18th annual FIATA’s regional Africa and Middle East (RAME) Conference, organized by the national syndicate of Freight Forwarders of Cameroon known in its French acronym as SYNAUTRATRA.

Speaking to journalists in a press conference in Douala Saturday April 7, the president of SYNAUTRATRA, Richard MFEUNGWANG enumerated a couple of pints from the objectives of the conference, why the choice of Cameroon and what the economy stands to gain from it.

Thanks to its geographical position, its diverse activities, the growth of commerce which began long ago and its leading economic role at the sub regional level Cameroon will become the first sub-Saharan African country to host this conference, he boasted.

The President said they have as objective to gather experts and professionals from international organizations such as WTO, UNCTAD, UNECA and local entities to discuss and exchange about issues related to the development of the transport sector, international logistics within the region.

Freight Forwarders will use this avenue to establish contacts and develop business relationships with members and potential partners.

The national syndicate believes that the 18th conference will be the ideal opportunity for local actors to be trained on how to develop and valorize the transport and logistics sector in Cameroon. This includes land transport, maritime and air transport.

Members equally hope that the event will help to facilitate international trade, build efficient and sustainable logistics and boast the country’s economy.

It should be noted that this conference is placed under the distinguished patronage of President Paul Biya and is expected to last 2 days, from May 3-5, 2018.


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