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An operation to clear the Port of Douala-Bonaberi of wrecks officially began on Monday June 4 after an official launching by the Minister of Transport Jean Ernest Massena Ngalle Bibehe and the Director of the Ports Authority of Douala Cyrus Ngo’o.

Wrecks such as service boats, ferries, cargo liners, dredgers, trawlers, tugboats will all be cleared from the port to make it more  competitive, efficient and performant.

“For more than 30 years after the first operation ofthis nature, the water bodies, the wharves and docks will finally be stripped of wrecks and other floating machines, ” the Director of the Ports Authority of Douala Cyrus Ngo’o said.

“It took time. It equally took the will, self-sacrifice and strong support of the board of directors and the government, for this project to kick off, ”he added.

Twenty five wrecks which are the most dangerous in the waters will be cleared during this first phase and will be carried out by the Italian firm Bonifacio which is well versed with such operations.


The wreck-removal operation, the first in over three decades will free alot of navigable space for the port after and free the waters of over congestion, according to George Menye, director of dredging and maritime logistics at the Port Authority of Douala.

“For instance, concerning the fishing dock; only 15.000 m ² of its 400.000 m ² navigable space is being used, only 600m linear of its 2000m of its dock are exploited, ” George Menye said.

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