Wholesale & Retail Distribution

Njeghang Company Limited.

Our Wholesale & Retail Distribution Services

Through our Wholesale & Retail Distribution sector, Njeghang Company LTD Innovation brings a comprehensive knowledge of the options available for the distribution industry. We are dedicated to the entire material handling experience, including all the equipment associated with outfitting a warehouse.

Sales & Market Strategy

Supply Chain Optimization

Facilities / Assets Management

Metrics Creation & Alignment

Channel Integration

Revenue Growth

Strategic Sourcing

Technology Enablement

At Njeghang Comapny, business and financial advisors that make up our Wholesale, Retail, and Distribution team can help you define a strategy that fits your organization. In addition we can assist you with designing and implementing systems that can help you significantly improve your processes and operations. These innovative solutions can lead to practical and cost effective results that will aid you in achieving your business goals.

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